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We teach circus arts, and inspire students to grow!

Circus arts are a gateway into a rich world of movement, water that helps a seed grow, and a pathway to an active lifestyle.

We teach circus arts!

The body is meant to move, designed to explore the world around it.  We teach the art of Circus. This art form by its nature inspires people to explore movement and the world around oneself.  Through arts such as juggling, tumbling, aerial dance, POI and others, the idea of play in instilled in participants, through play we explore, in exploring we learn and grow! This is an important key on the path of life.

We engage students!

Circus classes pull students out of their shells. You are encouraged to open up, try new things, experiment and discover. In this experimenting, teachers are guiding and helping to plot a course to success. Student are given equipment that will lead them to being active and inspired to keep training. This develops into a lifestyle that is healthy and builds a strong body.

We are community minded!

We all live together here in the city, it’s an integrated ecosystem of awesomeness that we love to be a part of! The Circus School of Atlanta is no exception. We like to foster a community of performance and circus friends that helps our fellow neighbor. Stop on in and introduce yourself today.

Current Schedule of Classes

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