All about The Circus school

  • Excellence is a journey not a destination.
  • We become great by hard work, failing, and learning.
  • Mastery of an art, is the start of learning it.
  • We teach because we want those who come after us to be better then us.
Circus School of Atlanta

2017 Logo – Revised

Original Circus School logo 2014-2017

The Circus School of Atlanta

We provide, outstanding teachers, service, and a positive message.

We want everyone who walks in the doors to be the best they can be!

Circus arts combines movement, expression, art, and so much more together into magic.  It just unlocks the potential in anyone and everyone. This combination is one of the driving forces behind The Circus School.



Tim Mack – Founder of The Imperial OPA Circus and Paul Rodgers – Owner of Bucks Sports Barn. Opening Day of the Circus School of Atlanta

2009 : The Imperial OPA Circus forms in Atlanta GA. The Circus School of Atlanta is a project of The Imperial OPA Circus.  The Imperial OPA has been a staple of entertainment excellence in Atlanta. They believe in giving back and volunteers at numerous community events, fundraisers, and aligns with other organizations on a mission of doing good.

Community has always been a key factor of the success of the OPA. From first training at their founders loft starting around 2010, then at his second loft in 2014.

In the Winter of 2014 Paul Rodgers, founder of “Bucks Sports Barn” approached the OPA with an AMAZING offer.  Paul offered to let the OPA train in “Bucks Sports Barn” in exchange for teaching class.  This was such a fantastic offer the Circus could not refuse. The space allowed the OPA to grow, but also and more importantly, gave them a chance to realize the dream of teaching and helping other grow, as well as keep growing the community of amazing talent.

January 1st 2015, the OPA started to use the barn. The first official circus class was held on 1/24/2015 with 4 students, and 4 teachers. Since that day The Circus School and The OPA has been marketing and building community awareness.

On 11/1/2017, The Imperial OPA Circus and The Circus School of Atlanta signed a new lease on a fantastic school location. The historic church was use for 9 years by the D’Air project  (*A fantastic organization that did some real amazing things in Atlanta). D’Air changed up their business structure and when they moved out, we could not let such a space be forgotten. As such, we singed a lease and have started to work on growing and developing a larger and stronger circus school scene here in Atlanta GA!

Before and after.

Before and after.


  • Inspire
  • Teach with passion
  • Live healthy and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Be the best we can be in what we do

The 4 points above lives in the core of the Circus schools ethos. In inspiring people we will grow and inspire others to grow. In teaching with passion, the students feel this passion and it feed their want to learn while the teacher has more joy. In living and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we better ourselves and the world about us. In being the best we can in what we do, we accept that failing will happen and this leaves the door open to grow, faster and better.