A Big Top Circus Birthday Bash!

A Big Top Circus Birthday Bash!

A Big Top Circus Birthday Bash!

Looking for a fun Birthday party idea? Consider throwing a birthday party worthy of the big top if you want a very happy child.

A circus birthday party theme is a surefire way to excite and thrill your little ones and your guests alike. Be sure to make it worthy of its title though by keeping the lively action moving so your little ones and their active minds do not move into more mischievous pursuits!

Here is a short overview provided from the circus cooled Atlanta on planning A Big Top Circus Birthday Bash!

While we here at the circus school can provide an easy to accomplish circus event (*you just need to provide the party people), if you wanted to throw a circus themed birthday kids party on your own, this guide is for you.

The big top – Design

The first thing that is an absolute must for a circus theme is a Big Top. You may not need a full giant tent set up in the backyard to accommodate this, in fact you can get away with setting up a couple sheets in your living room to inspire a nice circus feel. Helium balloons also can be rented quite cheaply and they make for a great colorful event space. Add on a few streamers that match and your party now has a feeling of a circus Birthday party

Beyond this have the doorways to the room made to look like tent flaps, (again with some curtains tied back) will add more that flare. Go further and push all the furniture to along the walls, so when the party people arrive they can find a seat in the center the room or along “The Center Ring”, where all the circus action will be!

Big top Entertainment

It’s always a fantastic idea to keep your little ones occupied and having fun.

An easy Way is through classic Midway games such as, ring toss, pin the nose on the clown, or corn hole are fun easy ways to keep children entertained. Another option is to provide a crafting activity or two, simply gluing cutout masks onto popsicle sticks, or coloring outlines of costumes in a circus book can provide a lot of entertainment. If you have some oversized old clothing, see you can use that to dress up the best and look like a clown.

Beyond this hiring live entertainers is another surefire win. Be it someone who does face painting, a professional clown, or magician would really help pull the big top theme together. Our Friends at The Imperial OPA circus – Atlanta’s Circus, have lots of entertainers you can book if you should chose to go this route.

Circus Birthday Food Ideas

The circus lends itself very well to a wide exciting variety of colorful foods. Besides the classic hotdogs (or veggie dogs), candied apples, peanuts, and popcorn… or even cracker jacks are a fun great addition to a circus birthday party.

** Pro Tip : be sure to get a couple of hands to help with the cleanup when the Circus packs up at the end of the party.

After Party Fun

The classic goodie bag for that take-home bit of fun, it’s a nice way to wrap up a circus birthday party. You can use popcorn bags or brown paper bags, and fill them with circus animals, bubble blowing sticks, glow bracelets, circus themed stickers or any other fun little item. Your local party supplies store would be an excellent location to find the perfect goodie bag treats. In addition if they had their face painted or balloon animal it would make a nice keepsake for them.

The most important thing of a circus birthday party

The most important thing in throwing a Circus birthday party is that everyone involved should have a great time (* this includes YOU). Don’t sweat the smaller things so much that you can’t enjoy the event, and the smiles. They’ll remember the overall experience more than small details.

A few more great ideas to add on to this event if you budget allows,  would be to have a moonwalk bounce house, or even renting a real popcorn maker or cotton candy maker! There’s something about the smell of cotton candy and popcorn that makes people think of Circus.

Have a backup plan

Lastly it’s important to have a backup plan. Such as if the party is going to be outside and it starts to rain. Be prepared to be flexible, to move things around a little bit and keep it fun!  Also its important to remember the timeless words “The Show Must Go On”!


I hope you found this guide helpful and maybe inspirational in planning a circus birthday party (*if even just a little bit) for your little (or BIG) loved ones. If you did find it useful please write us and let us know. 🙂

Enjoying the party!

From : Your Friends at The Circus School of Atlanta.