Facility Rental

We are located within a historic church beside Grant Park.

The ballroom is 1,600 sq. ft., has a ceiling height of 25 – 35 ft., and holds a maximum of 320 people. The ballroom is where CSA’s in-house circus rehearses, fixed with aerial points, a fully outfitted stage, and a spacious standing / sitting / dancing floor. The space ideal for a great number of things, including (but not limited to) weddings, circus classes, aerial fitness, bachelor and bachelorette parties, variety shows, large occupancy lectures, theatrical rehearsal – the possibilities are unlimited!

We’d love to provide a venue for those seeking a creative, vibrant and beautiful experience for their wedding or event.

Let us know what you think.

Rental Costs

Location Features Description
 The Sun Room:  Size: Small, 280 sq. ft.
Occupancy: 14 ppl.
 The smallest of CSA’s rooms, the Sun Room stands at 280 sq. ft., with a maximum occupancy of 14 individuals. Though small, as its name suggests, the Sun room provides a warm, homely atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings, small parties, yoga classes, p