The Flex Space

The Flex Space
  • 460 sq Feet

  • 92 Person Max Occupancy

  • Great afternoon Sun!

  • Optional Baby Grand Piano

  • Great wedding reception space

  • Great for a group stretching

  • Perfect for talks or readings

An ideal mix of an Intimate space but a Roomy feeling

If you are looking for a space that feels like its an intimate space, but also open and breathing at the same time, then the flex space is for you!

The Flex space has lovely stained glass windows that just light up in the setting sun filling the room with purples and blues.  Also along with the windows, it has a baby grand that is a joy to play that is optional in the space rental.

Its an accessible space that’s available as a supplementary room to the main studio as well as a creative compartment of its own.

Book today for Wedding receptions, art openings, poetry readings, yoga sessions, early morning chanting, board game nights, artist talks, video showing or more!