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CSA show Planing Guide

CSA show Planing Guide

CSA Show Planing Guidelines

Overview :

This document provides an overview for the booking process and procedures for producing hosting a show at CSA.
We request that you follow these procedures the book any type of show.

Procedure overview:

  1. Draft proposal
  2. Submit proposal
  3. Confirm dates and times with CSA Staff
  4. Review proposal with management team
  5. If requested revise  proposal (*Go to step 2)
  6. Get confirmation

** NOTE: That until you get confirmation and the requested documents are submitted, the space is not reserved or booked.

Procedure overview section 1 : Draft proposal requested framework

Please submit all proposals in a Google doc formatted at 8.5” x 11” on white paper or sent to use as a Word Doc, so we can open it up and if need be copy and paste parts of it. (*We appreciate colored proposals however sometimes it’s hard to read and we cant print then out)

In drafting a proposal  this is the structure that we request information submitted in.

  • Title page
      1. Have a title and if applicable a logo on it
      2. Your contact information
      3. Date of proposal completion
  • Section 1 : Mile high summary
      1. This is a very zoomed out view of what you want to accomplish. Think of this as an extended elevator pitch. The Who, What, and Why in a paragraph or two.
  • Section 2 : People involved in this production
      1. Who are the KEY people involved and what are the roles
      2. Not necessary to list the artists involved just principal members and their roles
  • Section 3 : More detailed description of what you are doing
      1. A copy of the script
      2. Cast list (Optional)
      3. Pre Production pipeline timetable
        1. Dates are VERY important – these must be laid out. What days and what times you will be in the space using what equipment and what room for how long.
      4. Run of day(s)
        1. The day of the show, when you are arriving and what’s getting done.
      5. Run the show
        1. The Run of show is important especially with details of individual acts if you know them.
      6. Post show follow-up
        1. What happens after the show. Who is in charge of cleaning up.
      7. What do you see as the biggest risks in the production
  • Section 4 : back of house / budgeting and cost projections
    1. What equipment do you want to use?
    2. What equipment are you planning to bring in?
    3. What are your cost to produce show?
    4. What are your returns on this show?
    5. How do you intend to cover the costs?
    6. What do you ask from the CSA staff and members?
    7. What is your proposed split with CSA for this show?
    8. Any supporting material such as insurance and such.

After you draft this proposal and submit it.

  • The team will review your submitted materials, talk about and make notes on what we can cannot do.
  • Then we will discuss with you concerns and the path moving forward
  • You may be asked to revise your proposal or provide more details on different parts of it
  • Only after the project has been approved and signed off on and we have a proposal in hand along with dates and times, only then is a production locked-in and marketing efforts can begin.