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What’s in a two hour party?

Our standard experience runs about 120 minutes And has two instructors. Most times the party follows this order.

Guests start to arrive and we asked the host if they like to get going.

We gather the guests on the mat.

10 min:
Warm up / Stretching (*May include a game or obstacle course)  to get the party people moving.
50 min:
Depending on the number and age of the party people, we may then divide them up into pods.
(Example, if we had 10 party people, we would split them into 2 pods of 5 guests each)
We then have each pod get paired with a Circus teacher who teaches that pod a skill or works on an apparatus, after a set length of time, we switch pods to the other teacher(s).
  • One pod may be learning Aerial Silks, and the other juggling, so we switch so, each guest gets to do all the skills (In your case to be two different aerial stations).
  • We try to keep groups in manageable numbers, as such there may be three or four pods as long as we have that many teachers.
After about 60 minuets of floor games and circus arts it’s time for a break. This is where you would be providing pizza or cake, guests can open presents or sing happy birthday.

Figuring in 30~45 min for Pizza, cake and presents, the party people are invited back onto the mat for open gym time.
The teachers are on hand to do another round of Circus skills, or play a game with the guests or lead a guided fun time.

  • We do ask for no sticky hands on the mats, so please ask your guests to wash their hands before coming back out!
It’s been our experience (and depending on the age of the guests), after cake and pizza, it’s hard to get the party people focused, so taking a “open gym” approach makes the most sense.

What we provide:

We provide the teachers and the space.
We also have several folding tables on site, and 70 fold out chairs (*Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to use them and how many).
* You would be responsible for providing food and the cake, table cloths and any decorations.
We do ask you to clean up after the event, but if you are in a rush, we do have a clean service that can be hired Ahead of time for $100 to pick up and clean up after the event. Please let us know if you wish this option before the birthday party happens so we can arrange it. Will

Birthday party pricing:

More information about pricing can be found here :