CSA Open Gym Rules

CSA Open Gym Rules

Open Gym Rules

To ensure all guests and persons who use the space to train have a safe and rewarding experience at CSA, we ask you to please follow these Open Studio Rules.

Please :

  • Warm up before starting training
  • Respect your fellow open gym members
  • Ask for permission when filming
  • Know your limits
  • Share equipment time
  • Pick up after yourself and keep where your training free of clutter
  • Do not bring babies or small children. Open gym is 18 and up.
    • Aerial, Acro  // ** IF YOUR FEET LEAVE THE  GROUND
      • Always Use crash mats – NO EXCEPTIONS –  (if you don’t you will be asked to leave)

Please do not :

  • Ask open studio manager or others training to teach new skills
  • Leave trash / water bottles laying around – Unplug anything without first asking on the site manage.
  • Aerial, Acro  // ** IF YOUR FEET LEAVE THE  GROUND // please do not..
    • Teach others (if you do you will be asked to leave – This is for your safety)
    • Practice new skills you are not yet comfortable with
    • Practice big drops without the supervision of the open studio manager

To be cleared for Open Gym / Aerial arts, you must first :

  • Demonstrate proper grip and body placement
  • Invert from the ground without jumping
  • Demonstrate basic and Russian climb
  • Put a footlock on in the air
  • Demonstrate two tricks safely (ex. Rebecca split, split roll up, wheel down, etc)

On site Equipment :
If it’s not yours, ask who’s it is before using and if its ok to use.

  • We have studio equipment, however please ask before using it.
  • Any equipment you take out, must be returned.


  • Be aware we have a first aid box in the equipment room and reusable ice packs are in freezer door.
  • If there is an emergency, get the on site manager ASAP. Unless told to, do not administer first aid yourself.
  • We have security cameras in every room recording 24/7 for your safety.

Be Safe and Have fun

– Thank you