Team Building

Team Building

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The Circus School of Atlanta is run and maintained by The Imperial OPA circus, a local circus and entertainment company. The school is on the look out for Companies or visionary’s who wish to help sponsor this project and see it flourish! We need $20,000 to get all the gear and training to push the skill and teaching abilities of the space to the highest level.

If you wish to sponsor this space through a tax exempt donation, or an advertising opportunities such as banner on this web page or in the school – Please contact us today at, or make a donation (could be anonymous) through our partner Fractured Atlas for a tax exempt donation. Click the button below.

Team Building

Explore, Play, grow

As we grow, we begin to settle into our careers, and attempt to find comfort in the workplace.  However, in our day to day pressures, we misplace time; time to be open, to have fun, and to explore. This can impact our ability to function well at work and even at home. Stress builds, we lose focus, and we suffer because of it.

Play, fun and exploration of one’s world and workplace can have a major impact on us, and is tantamount to learning, building and growing!

This is where The Circus School of Atlanta comes in –

Our amazing staff of circus performers are also part counselor and part P.E. coach.
We build our students up through playing games, building skills, and engaging in performance activities, to help each other inspire and create.

For a new and veteran employees alike – let our circus come to you!

Program Goals :

  • To provide a break from office or conference work
  • To offer Team Bonding and Building exercises
  • Help provide a way to overcome new employee isolation
  • Help provide a method to counteract negativity in the workplace
  • To Strengthen engagement between employees

Options :

Our facility, located in the heart of historic Grant park, is the ideal location for an outing out of the office.
All of our mats and training equipment is in-house and ready to use.  Also, Grant Park proper is just